Mediation Method

Mulroy is a student of mediation and negotiation and knows that it takes serious effort for a mediator to be successful, so his mediations are creative, unrushed, and attentive to the parties’ interests. Judge Mulroy is organized, and is determined to help the participants find common ground in order to close a deal. He likes the hard work.

Judge Mulroy is a very experienced lawyer and judge. This experience allows him to quickly understand the facts and issues of a dispute. He is conscientious about learning each case, just as he was when he served as a judge.

“Please convey to Judge Mulroy my personal gratitude for the successful mediation. I was really impressed with his mediation style, which I found particularly effective on the clients and which made the process easier for the attorneys. I think he should promote his methodology and develop followers to the “Mulroy School of Mediation.”

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:
Mediator’s Role

Chapter 3:
Mediation Structure

Chapter 4:
Mediator’s Opening Statement

Chapter 5:
Parties Opening Statement

Chapter 6:
Group vs. Caucus Session

Chapter 7:
Importance of Talking

Chapter 8:
Does Mediator’s Opinion Help?

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:
The Mediator’s Work

Chapter 11:
Document the Agreement

Chapter 12:
The Mediator’s Qualities

Chapter 13:
The Walkout Strategy

Chapter 14:
The Difficult Negotiator

Chapter 15:
Lawyer’s Job in Mediation

Chapter 16:
Why Mediation?

Chapter 17:
Mediator is a Negotiator

Chapter 18:
Timing of a Mediation

Chapter 19:
The Anchor

Chapter 20:
Pre-Mediation Conference

Chapter 21:
The Mediation Paper